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About Us

Ednextpro’s vision is to create an Educational and Career Care Unit for students wherein the appropriate and accurate guidance with respect to education and career roadmaps is given to students. We understand that, choices made for higher education option and career decision are irreversible hence should be chosen under proper guidance with utmost care and complete information.

Our mission is to help in choosing education and career or the profession based on their acquired and honed skills during their years of studies. We strongly believe that, guidance should be systematic & based on assessment so that one can identify its real potential and accordingly decide the direction.

We recommend everyone to make the informed decisions in education and career as once made, they are going to stay with you!

Our counsellors have wider experience of working in education & corporate sectors in departments like learning & development, Quality control & led the operations. They have been the part of various industries including Education & Learning/Development which is the added boost in counselling as they are completely aware of scope and ways to pursue a stream, various education & career options.

Our experienced counsellors not only assess and recommend but also support you by laying a realistic roadmap to achieve what you are aiming for!

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